The Brambles’ History

The Brambles began as a labor of love by its owners, Clyde and Mary Forrest. More than a decade ago the couple felt a calling to care for intellectually disabled (ID) adults and adults with Autism.  As ID children who lived with their families became adults, the burden of care on aging parents and the potential for increased health problems resulted in hard decisions for parents and guardians, who often found themselves unable to care for their loved ones. Finding a home-like setting where a son, daughter, or sibling could receive proper support care and live the rest of his/her life proved to be challenging.

“The Brambles was like an answer from God. We were so afraid to let him go… We had cared for him for 22 years and we wanted him happy and loved.”


The Forrests decided to adapt their own house, moving with their two young sons into smaller quarters and opening their home to the first resident, “Johnny”.

Shortly after “Johnny”, two more adults came to the home. Both Clyde and Mary received training and certification to help them better care for ID adults, who often suffer from other physical disabilities.

About The Brambles Location

Today, the Forrests own and operate ten private group homes in Mathews County and a day support center that cares for adults with intellectual disabilities and adults with Autism.   The Brambles homes and day support center are located in the 10 county region served by the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services.   Virginia residents 18 and older who have been diagnosed with ID may apply for Brambles services using the Virginia ID Medicaid waiver or through private pay.  Please note the Virginia ID Medicaid waiver is not the same as Medicaid.

Group Home Regulations

Recently the Commonwealth of Virginia has made changes in its care for the institutionalization of the intellectually disabled.   Virginia is closing many institutions and moving people to residential group homes.   More intellectually disabled people have been moved out of training centers operated by the state and placed in group homes like The Brambles where they can receive the care they deserve.  While residential group homes are regulated by the state, the quality and living conditions of these homes vary widely and very few meet the standards the Brambles.  Each Brambles house is a HOME and we love what we do.

Our homes are here to serve the needs of ID adults and give their families peace of mind.    If you are wondering who will provide the very best care for an ID adult, The Brambles is the answer.

“Our son calls The Brambles his home.”


The Forrests and their caring, experienced staff carefully evaluate each future resident to foster compatibility with fellow residents, ensure developmental needs assessments are accurate, and will care for the overall well being of the individual. Each individual has a personal plan that is devised according to medical assessments, needs, and state requirements.

“We offer the very best in professional support care, well-appointed residential homes, and a range of activities to our residents. At the same time, we provide peace of mind to families whose loved ones call The Brambles home.”