Valentine’s Dance: An evening to remember.

DSC_0119On February 12th, 2016, The Brambles held their Valentine’s Day Dance for all individuals and their family members. The dance was held at the Brambles Day Support building on Main Street in Mathews and was advertised in the local paper as an invitation to the public. A DJ provided music that quickly had the dance-goers on their feet, and Brambles staff served light snacks throughout the evening. This high profile event was made even more interesting when Valentine’s Day connoisseur, Cupid, decided to fly in for a quick appearance. Though Cupid looked resplendent in white attire and gold toned skin, it would be easy to lose him in the crowd of beautifully attired party-goers. Dressed in their finest, the evenings guests could only be called stunning in their finery. Some of the guests were even thinking about the next big Bramble’s event,

“The guests look amazing. This is definitely a high class event, and the people  have stopped at nothing to impress with their best. I will definitely be waiting for my invitation to the next event. ”


The night could be called nothing less than outstanding, and the people who made it happen; even more so. Please, view the evening’s pictures below.


DSC_0144       DSC_0137      Y      DSC_0188

DSC_0128       DSC_0202     DSC_0187

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