If you would like to schedule a tour, ask a question or download a brochure please submit the contact form below. You may also contact us by phone or email.

Main Phone Number (804) 725-3381 This line is answered 24/7 to be responsive to residents’ families and friends. Calls for other matters limited to normal business hours, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

For questions regarding our Residential Group Living or Day Support and Transportation please contact  the main phone number or the phone numbers listed below:


Residential Group Living Day Support Center and Transportation
(804) 725-3381 (804) 725-4990


Residential Director Day Support Director
Clyde Forrest Richard Thomas
clyde.forrest@bramblesva.com richard.thomas@bramblesva.com
(804) 725-3800 (804) 725-4990


 New Life Harbor House Manager  Human Resources  Bella Terra House Manager
 Michael Forrest  Veronica Barksdale  Rhonda Jarvis
 michael.forrest@bramblesva.com  veronica.barksdale@bramblesva.com  rhonda.jarvis@bramblesva.com
 (804) 725-3381  (804) 725-3800  (804) 725-3800

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